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Photographs of artworks by Lula Rodrigues.

    Abdias' painting is an impact.
A vital shock to the eyes and therefore to the soul. He is not affiliated to any school. He owes nothing to the Fauve nor his quasi-geometrics to the Mondrians. His colors are merely contained, furiously imprisoned within the limits the artist imposes on them - pure and fervent.

    The lines are frontiers where imagination passes through, and the signs, Abdias wants them to come f rom an ancestral Africa he carries in his blood. But the truth is that intentionality yields to the pure explosion of color.

    He paints with life and better with his life, bumpy but straight. And to keep the result from being circumscribed to the frame, it moves from one canvass to another.

    Sometimes one hears in it Debussy, sometimes Bach, sometimes the tom-tom, sometimes a silence that stupefies, always the syllable that carries color, as Rimbaud wished.

    Abdias is not even a master. We do not believe he will found schools.

His painting is like a traffic light. One looks, contains oneself, is starsled or goes through, but never remains indifferent.

Rio de Janeiro, March 1988.

1- Noturnal Invocation of the Poet Geraldo Mello Mourao: Oshossi (Buffalo, 1972) 152x102
2- PombaGira (Middletown,1970) 102x153
3- Composition No. 2 (Buffalo,1971) 102x152
4- African Symbiosis No. 2 (Buffalo,1971) 91x61
5- é Oshun in Ecstacy (Buffalo, 1975),
oil and acrylic on canvas, 153 x 102

6- Recollections of the House of Slaves: Goree (Rio de Janeiro,1988)
Tempera 23x30

7- Elisa's Meditation (Buffalo, 1980) oil on canvass 56x71
8- Duet for Bida (Rio de Janeiro, 1993) 100x80
9- é Silver-Plated Dream (Middletown, 1970), 70 x 66.
10- The Horse and The Saint: Yemanja (Buffalo, 1975) 102x152
11-Yemanjá (Rio de Janeiro, 1999)

**Unless otherwise noted, the medium is acrylic on canvas; measurements are in centimeters.

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