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Doris Salcedo - Shibboleth Installation
Turbine Hall - Tate Modern - The Unilever Series - London

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©

Frieze Art Fair

Art People - Frieze Art Fair-Regents Park -London

Art Dealers-Frieze Art Fair-London

International Contemporary Art-Amanda Sharp-Matthew Slotover-Frieze Art Fair-London

Gianni Motti-Pre-Emptive Act-Frieze Art Fair-London
Photos by Verinha Ottoni©

Louise Bourgeois - The Spider Sculpture Maman
Tate Modern-London

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
The First Emperor - Qin Shihuangdi - China’s Terracotta Army
British Museum-London

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Three Legged Buddha - Zhang Huan - Chinese artist
Royal Academy of Arts-London

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Zhang Huan-Chinese artist-Ash
Haunch of Venison-London
Ash Buddha-Berlin

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Amedeo Modigliani - Tete de Carriatide - Roma
Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Weegee - The Famous - Usher Fellig - 1899-1968 - Photojournalism
Weegee Dans La Collection Berinson - Musée Maillol - Fondation Dina Vierny
Olivier Lorquin - Bertrand Lorquin - Paris
Weegee’s Story: From the Berinson Collection
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Musée du Luxembourg - Paris
Antony Gormley's Event Horizon in London
31 naked sculptures cast in iron of the artist’s body

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Antony Gormley - Reflection
Euston Road London

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Antony Gormley - Resolution
Shoe Lane-Little New StreetCity of London-EC4

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Jake and Dinos Chapman
Sculpture in the Courtyard of The Royal Academy
Helio Oiticica - The Body of Colour
Tate Modern - London
Olafur Eliasson-Kjtil Thorsen - Snøhetta
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007
Conrad Shawcross - Lattice - Palindrome
Selfridges-Oxford Street-London

Photos by Verinha Ottoni©
Vermeer and the Delft School - Carel Fabritius - Pieter de Hooch
National Gallery
IGOR MITORAJ - Exhibition of sculpture at the Trajan's Markets - Mercati Traianei - Rome
Lucian Freud - Big Sue - Bowery - Bella Freud - Esther Freud - Clement Freud
Tate Britain
Tate Modern - Louise Bourgeois' Giant Spider - Nicholas Serota
Jacques Herzog - Pierre de Meuron - Millennium Bridge - Norman Foster

Verinha Ottoni Gallery - Abdias Nascimento - Altan - Antonio Dias - Mario Cravo
Roberto Magalhaes - Rubens Gerchman - Vergara - Giorgio Poppi - Federica Berlingieri
Nonino grappa
Sandro Botticelli - Drawings for The Divine Comedy
Scuderie Papale - Gae Aulenti
Martha Carvalho de Castro - Painter - Brazilian Artist
Exhibition Salon d'Automne - Parc Floral de Paris
Alison Lapper Pregnant-British painter
Marc Quinn-British sculptor-Trafalgar Square
Rachel Whiteread-Embankment
Tate Modern-Britain contemporary sculptor-The Unilever Series
Goya - Hayward Gallery
Murillo - Dulwich Picture Gallery
Velazquez 400th anniversary - Seville
Oscar Wilde - Centenary of his death
Jeffrey Museum - National Theatre - Barbican - British Library
Olafur Eliasson - The Weather Project - Merce Cunningham - Tate Modern
Oscar Niemeyer - Serpentine Gallery - Pavilon 2003 - Saatchi
Ron Wood - Thei Ivy - Andrew Lloyd Webber - Royal Academy - Photos I

Olafur Eliasson - The Weather Project - Merce Cunningham - Tate Modern
Oscar Niemeyer - Serpentine Gallery - Pavilon 2003 - Saatchi
Ron Wood - Thei Ivy - Andrew Lloyd Webber - Royal Academy - Photos II

Federica Berlingieri - Italian artist
Sissy - Elisabeth of Austria and Empress of Hungary - Castle Miramar - Trieste
Museo Nazionale Del Cinema - Mole Antonelliana - Torino
Edipo Re in Greek - Colosseo - Rome
Abdias Do Nascimento - The Only Brazilian That I Am Proud Of!
Elisa Larkin do Nascimento - Nkosi Johnson - Nelson Mandela
Tony Bennett - American singer - crooner - painter - Anthony Benedetto
Tony Bennett: The Art of Excellence - Catto Gallery
William Blake - painter - draughtsman - printer - poet - illustrator - visionary
Tate Britain
The Gilbert Collection - Sir Arthur Gilbert - Somerset House
Seeing Salvation - Grunewald and his Contemporaries - National Gallery
St Johns' Passion - J. S. Bach - English National Opera
Treasures of Catherine the Great - Prince Gregory Potemkin
Hermitage Rooms - Somerset House
Spectacular Bodies- Hayward Gallery
Leigh Bowery - the fantasist - exhibition

Wynton Marsalis - The Proms

Pepito - Picchi Pignatelli
African Galleries- British Museum
The John Gielgud Collection Auctioned - Sotheby's
Century City - Tate Modern
Treasury of the World: Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Moguls - British Museum
Ralph Richardson Collection Auctioned - Sotheby's
Giorgio Morandi - Tate Modern
Arte Povera: Zero to Infinity - Tate Modern
James Gillray - The Art of Caricature - Tate Britain
Stanley Spencer - British painter - Tate Britain
Heloisa Novaes Exhibition in Paris
Carlos Freire - Le Mont Athos - Photographic book

George Tsatsos - Acrobats Exhibition
Painted Ladies: Women at the Court of Charles II
National Portrait Gallery
Mirror Mirror: Self-Portraits by Women Artists
National Portrait Gallery
Facts of Life: Contemporary Japanese Art - Hayward Gallery
The London Eye
Saatchi Gallery - Ant Noises Two
Oscar Wilde - Centenary of his death
Jeffrey Museum - National Theatre - Barbican - British Library
Apocalypse: Beauty And Horror In Contemporary Art
Royal Academy
British Museum - Trafalgar Square - Royal Opera House - Hayward Gallery - Photos
Chiosco del Bramante - Deco In Italia - Complesso del Vittoriano - Paul Klee - photos Verinha Ottoni
Alberto Sordi - Sordi Segreto - Un Italiano A Roma photos by Verinha Ottoni
DINA VIERNY - founder of the Musee Maillot-Foundation Dina Vierny. She donated 20 of Maillot sculptures to France on exhibition at the Jardin des Tuileries
Rubens au Palais des Beaux-Arts - Capitale Européenne de la Culture 2004 - Lille
Rubens à Anvers - Antwerp - Pierre Paul Rubens - photos by Verinha Ottoni
Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum - photos by Verinha Ottoni
Delft - Vermeer - photos by Verinha Ottoni
The Hague - Vermeer - Royal Cabinet of Paintings Mauritshuis - Koninliijk Kabinet van Schilderijen Mauritshuis - photos by Verinha Ottoni
British Museum – Queen Elizabeth Great Court
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