John McEnroe - Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (and his dog!)

Currently London is an exciting place to be in. First there was the Queen’s Jubilee, then the World Cup started, which was huge excitement (was it not the English who invented this beautiful game?) next came Ascot and I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful hats on TV. Because of the Jubilee the Ascot was extended to five days instead of it’s usual four: five days of extravagant hats and dresses! The horses are quite secondary! Then John McEnroe went on tour with his new autobiography, Serious. It is about open therapy, “Tantrums, Tatum and me”. He is publicising his book on all TV channels, radio stations and newspapers. He is also commentating on Wimbledon for the BBC Channel. The man is still funny and charming. I read part of the book, which is about this ex-wife, drugs, and children. He has three children with Tatum O’Neal, who won an Oscar for Paper Moon at age 10.). McEnroe writes in his book that Tatum attracted him “in her element”. He has two children with the singer Patti Smyth and also a stepdaughter. He has been in therapy learning to deal with “anger management issues”. McEnroe says of himself, “Nobody will be surprised to hear that number one in the world requires major-league ego. You need ego to get there, and ego to stay there. I have never been short on that quality, but when I was a kid, I’d never felt that there was a lot to be cocky about. I wasn’t particularly successful with girls and the sport I was most successful in wasn’t one that generated a lot of attention in high school.” What a man, I love him! Shortly, he will be hosting a quiz game show on BBC here in London. Last year I followed Wimbledon with great excitement because I love the passionate Goran Ivanisevic, it was great to see him. Yesterday on BBC the commentator at the Wimbledon was Boris Becker. The great advantage of living in London is that you can see Placido, McEnroe, and the tennis sisters Venus and Serena (even if Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras have gone home already, because they have lost). In London I feel that I am in the centre of the world – you could never get bored! And, mind you, today isn’t even cold!!!!

But more than the anything else, the newspapers grabbed my attention this week with the acrimonious divorce of Rudy Giuliani, the ex-mayor of New York. No man is a hero to his wife from whom he has become acrimoniously estranged. His wife, Donna Hanover, had asked for $1,140 (£771) a month for their dog. Now I suggest that all the divorce courts around the world follow this system: If the dog gets $1,140 a month the wife should get at least that much. Now are you listening ex-husbands?? You should pay your wives at least the same maintenance.

Such memorable occasions, darlings! I was reading in the newspaper that Anthony Hopkins, a Welshman, hates the English way of using the word ‘darling’. I find it funny, superficial and false…that is why I choose to use it in my diaries. Night, night, DARLINGS!


Verinha Ottoni.


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