Richard Avedon - From the Sixties - Sarah Moon - Hulton Getty Picture Gallery

Richard Avedon has just published From the Sixties. In fact, I remember the photos of Verushka, daughter of a Prussian count executed for his involvement in an attempt to assassinate Hitler. She started modelling in 1961 and appeared in the film Blow-up; the film is now 35 years old. But his photo of Allen Ginsberg and his companion and poet Peter Orlovsky, 1963 is the one that I most remember. I also recall his romantic postcards and photos of the political Malcolm X and Martin Luther King; everything happened in the 60s and in this book you can see the decade portrayed in photos - he told it how it was!!

It took three buses to get me to the gallery in Chelsea where there is a building with three galleries on the ground floor - Hulton Getty Picture Gallery, 3 Jubilee Place. The archives contain 4 million photos. I think the photo market belongs to them. In fact I noticed in The Times, copies of all vintage photos can be obtained from their archives. So I visited their exhibition and asked where I should go. The very young, nice people showed me to the top floor. On the first floor (the Michael Hoppen Gallery) there was an exhibition by Sarah Moon. As I looked around I saw the owner who I would say was a typically wealthy Briton with a passion for photography talking business with other fashion people. You must remember I was in Chelsea, in a fashion venue with beautiful fashion people and, of course, rich people. I read in the newspaper about the "Sloane people". (They are mainly young females - known as "Sloane rangers" who live in the vicinity of the Sloane Square, meet their friends there for lunch etc. and shop in Sloane Street). Diana and now Sarah, Duchess of York, are termed "Sloane rangers". I suppose they live in a different world from the rest of us?

Verinha Ottoni.


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