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George Tsatsos - A short biography

George Tsatsos was born in Athens and educated in Greece and Zurich where he graduated as a civil engineer. He has had a career in industry, running cement companies, and designing and building cement factories, distribution centers and floating terminals in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Arabia, Nigeria, Estonia, Poland etc. For the last few years he has lived with his family in London but they also have a home in Greece. He is married to Zoe and they have four children and also grandchildren. He remains active in business. Georges career as an artist developed from his habit of doodling in full colour during meetings, lectures, or whenever obliged to sit for a long time. For the last twenty years or so he has painted mostly in acrylics but has refused to exhibit as he has considered this activity private. He has had no formal art education. George has also for many years collected contemporary art.

George sees his paintings as compositions, neither abstract nor objective, but a research into shapes, colours and geometric forms which are often ambiguous or physically impossible. He also draws humorous cartoons and illustrated original alphabets.

George exhibited for the first time in a one-man show at the Bowman Gallery in London in October 2002.

In November 2002 he exhibited in New York at the Agora Gallery, and has a further show scheduled in Paris at the La Hune Brenner Gallery on the Place St Germain des Pres from the 17th to the 28th February 2004.


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