Gianni Barcelloni


Gianni Barcelloni by Francesco Tullio Altan

Gianni Barcelloni - a film producer,director was my witness at my civil marriage at Campidoglio - Rome. We were so poor at that time that afterwards Gianni invited us for drinks at Bar Rosati in the Piazza dei Popoli. Thanks to him the occasion wasn't so depressing.

I used to go to Gianni's flat in Via dei Cappellari. it was delightful and well-decorated. He used to live with Chris Altan, she was incredible beautiful looked like a painting by Botticelli!!!

(Six years ago I was in the Tribunal in Rome and Gianni de Michelis, ex-socialist Minister, was there sitting next to me. I said "Hello". He said "Do I know you? I said I know Barcelloni...." and then he became very relaxed and started to talk to me).

Of course Gianni and I are very close, as you see from the photos he was sitting in my flat and he was my witness at my wedding.

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