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The publication was conceived by Joice Joppert Leal , president of the Object Brazil Association in co-edition with Official Press of San Paulo State. It is organized in thematic sections and features articles by authors with diverse profiles: entrepreneurs, designers, cultural promoters, professors, and business leaders.

Today, the number of creators is rising who ally beauty and technology to products of international quality. It is this quality-hungry success story that the publication tries to show through a carefully selected set of design images connected to arts and crafts, wearing apparel, communication and marketing, markets, culture, vital space, and eco-design.

Brazilian crafts deserved a chapter of the book to exalt a nature rich in raw materials, creativity, and technique of the artisans, many times developed by themselves or their ancestors. This is true of ceramic art, for example, one of our oldest, most expressive cultural traditions, with several offshoots in Brazil .

Among the curiosities of the book, one chapter reveals details about the urban landscape. Another interesting chapter shows the relationship between design and fashion, the need to maintain identity with the cultural roots. And, of course, there is a chapter on Brazilian jewellery, which has been winning the most important prizes in international design. This is obligatory reading and is certainly pleasant for all lovers of good design.

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