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Michele and Gato

Michele and Gato - lived with me twice, once in Via Garibaldi, when I was living with Gianni, and in Via S. Cosimato, the time of these photos. Since the first time our relationship has always been great. I love them, they were great fun to be with. Michele introduced me to Tiffany perfume, creams and sophisticated clothes. Gato used to wake up and put some anti-wrinkle cream under his eyes. Michele was going to the pharmacy in Piazza S.Silvestro every night for her Librium or whatever; she was sophisticated with great friends. I met Adriana Asti, (got the sweet watercolour). Yorgis, one night said he would pay any money for a hammock, so I sold Gianni's hammock for 1.000.000 lire. He wrote the cheque but after a few minutes wanted it back, so I threw it into the WC which they couldn't believe, and spent all night searching the flat and my body for the cheque. I suppose the cheque was not his, at that time he was living with a famous Greek actress I suppose he couldn't use the cheque - so he was paranoid about it.
In Via S. Cosimato - they came from N.Y. to talk about the music for the film "Last Tango in Paris" so everything was exciting. Michele was very much in love with Marlon Brando and she said how sweet he was, always hugging and touching people and it was a wonderful time for me. But our cat Tarzan did not like Michele and use to do his wee-wee in her perfumes and creams much to her despair. Gato composed the music for "Last Tango in Paris" which made him very very famous.
(The Brazilians loved "Last Tango in Paris", my friend Joyce Joppert Leal asked me to contact Bernardo Bertolucci for permission to use the script for a stage play. I think the Brazilian very much loved the film because of the famous "butter scene" as they are very much into bums!!! They have produced a magazine called "Bottoms" "Bums" whatever, but it isn't an apt title for a publication which is also about politics.)
Michele, who left us, had her ashes thrown onto the island of Capri, as she asked for. Of course, only Michele could rest in the most fashionable Italian place; fashionable as she was, this could only be Capri!
Gato is now in America with a new baby!!! My best photo-shot of my entire albums is Gato being filmed by Pasolini. Michele could not find anyone who could go to Folkstudio where filming took place in Via Garibaldi (which at that time was next door to our flat) so she asked me. Pasolini was very calm, very discreet,mysterious, very charismatic. He acted the star but, for me sublime!!! Gianni call him only Pier Paolo!

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