Film - The Internet Movie Database, a great place for information about the films Gato has scored and cinema in general. - Another great source of film info generally - The website of Brazilian model Vera (Verinha) Ottoni, an old friend of Gato's who met him and Michelle through their mutual friend, Italian director Gianni Amico, just after the Barbieris moved to Italy in the early 1960's. Ms. Ottoni has some wonderful photos of Gato and others on her site, including one she took of Pier Paolo Pasolini filming Gato playing for the 1970 film Notes for An African Orestes.
- If you click on this photo, it will take you to a whole series of candid photos of Gato and friends.
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text.html - This is the website of Gato's friend Bahman Maghsoudlou, who produced the film Seven Servants (1996) and was executive producer of Manhattan by Numbers (1993), to both of which Gato composed the music. Bahman is a genius of film, a former Chess Champion, director of many (award-winning) films and an author.


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