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Gianni passed away in 1990. He came to see me one day to tell me how ill he was, but he didn't have the courage. So months later he phoned me and personally told me that he had cancer. His friends in Italy, Altan and Bertolucci (Gianni used to call him "The Maestro") attended to everything. I think his legacy was not only his films and his children, but the wonderful friends who afterwards took care of his son.

He received major Tributes for his film career from many countries, in New York Fabiano Canosa organised a festival of his films. In Brazil where he did so much for music and cinema, Joel Barcellos organised the Tribute.

From the photo you can see Mara Chaves Altan, Olmo Amico his son, Fiorella Giovanelli Gianni's wife, Bernardo Bertolucci and Joel Barcellos. (When in Brazil Bertolucci, was given an Honour by the Brazilian President).

Fiorella called me very early on the morning he passed away and I went to see him in hospital. All his friends were at the hospital. The funeral was celebrated in a church in Via Appia Antica, very cinematographic. Metka Kosak from Yugoslavia (she has a beautiful daughter called SAMBA Kosak to my amazement!!!) was there and she arranged to have his favourite music played. John Coltrane and Caetano Veloso, of course, were his passions. Crying I said "our music" not realising that it was his music and of all the people that passed through his life. The priest was a friend of the Italian cinema, it was a very nice celebration. Everybody was there: his first wife Bruna with their daughter Valentina Amico, who afterwards took me back home. Bernardo made the most moving speech, you could see he was suffering, and ended saying "Gianni was my best friend!!!!"

When Bernardo finished his speech I thanked him and gave him a kiss. I hope he understood how thankful I was to him for everything he did for Gianni and for the touching words. I went to the cemetery in Giuseppe Bertolucci's car. Afterwards we all went to lunch somewhere around of Appia Antica. At that time I was very financially-embarrassed so the Altans paid for me. I find it incredible that we celebrate love, death and business with food!!!

Gianni is part of my life, my story, as you can see from those photos.He was the first to introduce me - as a young woman - to a new world, so you will understand how important he was in my life. I will always remember him, his music on very loud, cigarette in his mouth, mimicking as if playing a guitar and pulling funny faces for me!!!!!!



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