Gustavo Dahl - Brazilian filmmaker - screenwriter
Diretor Presidente da Agencia Nacional do Cinema

Gustavo Dahl - Stayed with us in Via Garibaldi for few months. I remember I was pregnant and asked Gustavo "What shall I call the new baby?". He said "Valentino" (not after Rudolph) but because Gianni's daughter was Valentina and he thought he was being funny. He said "You should come with me, because I won't make you pregnant" ( he thought he couldn't have children yet a few years after he became, much to his surprise, a father). At that time we were very close with Michele and Gato also guests at the flat. We used to go around Rome together and had lots of fun!



I remember in Botafogo Rua S. Joao Batista, when he was married to Maria Lucia Dahl, they prepared most delicious dinners, they had a very nice house.As the times goes by, MLD used to live next door to my shop in Rome (Via del Governo Vecchio) so very often I saw her during the time she was living in Italy,also Marcos and Joana who was a very beautiful baby!!!



In this photo Gustavo was trying to be sexy and seduce me, while wearing his winter underwear "Long Johns" also know as "combinations" in England, no longer worn in this country apart from gentlemen of eighty plus!!!




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