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ORIGINS-ORIGENS of Heloisa Novaes-London

Heloisa Novaes was born in São João del Rei in the state of Minas Gerais. She left Brazil in 1973 to study engraving at the National College of Arts in Paris , where she still lives and works.

Initially encouraged by the designer Saul Steinberg, she has contributed drawings to newspapers and magazines such as The Times, the New York Times, Esquire, Le Nouvel Observateur and L'Express , and also to the publishers Robert Laffont and Gallimard.

She uses a variety of techniques (gouache, oil, crayon and watercolour) to create a mysterious and sensual world through a personal iconography of feminine figures, fantastic al animals and Jungian symbols.  Her pallet is composed of light , elegant colours with which she produces a deep, transparent texture that is profoundly expressive of her native country and the world around her . Her work has been widely exhibited in Brazil and Europe .

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