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Murilo and Saudade Mendes (she is from Portugal; I love her name which means Nostalgia). Murilo was a writer, they had the most beautiful flat in Rome and held great cultural meetings. She became a friend because of my gallery was next to her flat, between the river, the Vatican and Piazza Navona, she began to give me Portuguese arts and crafts to display and sell in my gallery. They were very close to the Italian intelligentsia, principally the journalist Luciana Stegagno Picchio and Nino.

The last time I went to their flat near Piazza Bologna was with Maurinho Ledner and Betty Mindlin, Luciana gave us prosciutto di Parma. Betty is Jewish but not Orthodox so she enjoyed very much. It was really delicious. Betty, the daughter of Jose Mindly, The Brazilian industrialist, librarian and man of culture, was introduced to me by Joyce Leal at the time she was working in the Federacao dos Industriais de S. Paulo. Betty works with the Brazilian Indians, Yahomani, she is one of the few people who speak their language. She was demonstrating the language, I found the sound of the words fascinating. Luciana told me that when Murilo Mendes died Saudade went back to Portugal.

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