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But the one that I did not forget is Lourdes; I don't remember the surname? At the time she was with Busi??, an Italian aristocrat (it is sometimes said that "they are all Counts in Italy"!!!!) who is the father of a famous female TV news-reader. He had a palace in Piazza Farnese, really lost his head for Lourdes.

They were part of a circle of very sophisticated friends. As the song says "As time Goes By", time passed and Lourdes went to live in Florence with a married Italian director of Olivetti. He gave her a house in Brazil and on one occasion when I was going to Brazil I asked him if he wanted to send her anything. He said "Yes, I have a handbag that she needs". So before I left Rome he came from Florence and brought this handbag with some pieces for the bathroom wash-basin and bottle-opener - all in metal - inside the bag. I found this very strange, all these very cheap items - you could get better articles in Brazil - but anyway I touch the bag with me.
So I went to France, to England to see my mother, to New York and eventually I arrived in Rio de Janeiro with Lourdes' handbag. To my surprise, she was very anxious about the handbag almost hysterically 'phoning my friend's house where I was a guest. I told her "I will bring it to you in Belo Horizonte in two weeks' time". She said "No, I what it now".
I still did not understand. She apparently got the first plane to Rio and rang the bell of the flat where I was staying! I was completely shocked. Without as much as a "hello, how are you?" she hysterically swept inside and said "Where is my bag? Looking in the bag she said "he's sewed it inside". I said "Oh my God, You've used me!!!! I went through five Customs' frontiers of different countries with your things and risked going to prison. What was it?" She ran out of the flat and I never saw her again.
So I never found out what was in that bag. And I never carried anything for anyone anymore. Of course I was furious. When I went back to Italy I tried to contact him at Olivetti but he refuse to talk to me. I am still very traumatised when I think about it. Every time I arrive at the airport and am asked if I have been given anything I now understand the reason why. It is a security precaution, this makes me even more paranoid about NOT accepting anything to take to someone in another country.

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