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Glauber Rocha

I knew Glauber ever since he was with the sweet Rosinha Maria Penna, an actress in his films,also a artist, she and her sister Cristina and their children are very friendly to me, even today! I still have the beautiful big green bag she gave to me during her last trip to Italy; how very sweet and kind of her!!!
D. Lucia, Glauber's mother, at that time had a flat on the top of the Theatre Ipanema where my friend Carlos Freire used to have his library with my darling Edmilson Rocha.
Glauber's sister, Anecy Rocha (also an actress) was there with her husband Walter Lima Junior.( Walter Lima JR. came to visit me at my flat years later, I was very pleased that he attended a lunch for me, and let me have all his family news).
Anyway, I used to go to Glauber's house in Botafogo where he lived with Rosinha, and I have incredible memories of sitting there talking for ages. At that time everybody was very serious and professional, they even didn't drink, as far as I can remember. At that time the "Cinema Novo" was the greatest in the world with wonderful creativity. Glauber was invited to all the film festivals - a great success - winning prices in Cannes, Venice etc.


Glauber Rocha was there with Paolo Brunato.
He is shown being introduced to the Brazilian actor Celso Farias
and Beny Cardoso, actress.

As time goes by, Glauber came to work in Rome, so temporarily he was living with me in Via S. Cosimato. He was alone, sad and waiting for news of work from RAI, Italian TV. He obtained it, then moved to a Hotel-residence and got on with his life.
The last time I saw Glauber was in a flat in Arpoador, Ipanema. We arrived there and he forgot that he had an appointment with us, from the door I could hear him singing to his little children:"Em cima daquele morro tem um pe de ....." I did not disturb his singing,when he finished I rang the bell.
I want to leave and keep with me this sweet, delightful memory of him and his children.

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